Common areas

Oriental Cafe'

The most chill out area of the bar, where time seems to go by slowlier. Make yourself at home. The laid back atmosphere is just perfect for a cup of tasty coffee, tea or various other drinks. The mosaics and wall fresques are Matej Bizovičar's work, who was inspired by the Oriental style. Welcome and enjoy.

Western Cafe'

Designed in modern architectural style, a glass & steal creative blend opens the view to the green outdoor area. From the sunny dining area during the day, the place transforms itself into a get-together place overlooked by the moonlight at night. The Cafe' will just make you wanna stay more and more. Welcome to the West side.

Slovene gostilna (Restaurant)

Caught somewhere in the middle, at the crossroad of the East & West, a homy environment opens up and welcomes guests in a traditional Slovene tavern environment. The artists were inspired by the Mediterranean spaces and narrow streets stetching out in all directions. The Slovenian gostilna is the heart of the Celica bar area and a meeting point of local visitors and foreign guests attending various cultural and entertainment events. Or just an ordinary bar corner. Welcome where the East and West meet.

Garden area

Let's break free – and have some breakfast or a cup of coffee in the sun. A cosy area where you forget that you're surrounded by the buzz of the city. Make friends at our events, meet other travelers … Don't blame us if you end up with more than just friends the next morning. If mingling is not your cup of tea, then just lie down in a cosy hammock and get swung away by the moment of pleasure.