More than a hostel

Point of Peace

No matter who you are, who you believe in or to whom you show your love. Travelers from all walks of life are welcome at Celica – no exceptions! The message of openness and acceptance could not be better symbolized by the Point of Peace, the only former prison cell where prison bars have been removed from windows and doors. The Point of Peace represents the meeting point of all travelers who want to get in touch with their spiritual side or just give themselves a moment of peace and quiet. There are 6 niches where each represents a world religion – Christianism, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism. The sixth one is left empty and opened for any other religion, your own belief.

Srečišče Art Gallery

Art is a way of living – the Hostel Celica's way. Srečišče Gallery is the place where art and science go hand in hand. Every month the gallery hosts at least one exhibition of local and internatinally renowned artists. The entrance to the gallery is free at all times and exhibitions can be attended by all art lovers. The gallery can be purchased for rent, too and can be transformed in the perfect venue for various events, from seminars, workshops to business meetings.

Museum of Confinement

Celica goes beyond than being just a hostel. A museum of solitary confinement has been opened in the basement of the hostel building where back in the dark prison days, the prisoners were sent to solitary confinement. The still vivid stories are there to remind us, how the building sent out the message of truth and how it has evolved into a message of kindness throughout the years. The solitary confinement cells, which are part of the museum, are located right under the Point of Peace, which rises up into the lightest point of the building, the common room. The vertical symbolizes how the old prison building opens itself from its darkest corner into its lightest point.