Sustainability at Hostel Celica

Since its opening in 2003 Hostel Celica has grown into a true Ljubljana tourist attraction. Appreciated and awarded for its unique and unusual design by local and international organizations, it has not only proven to be exceptional in its category, but to have set the highest service quality standards thanks to our commitment and hard work that  go beyond guests' expectations.

Hostel Celica basic concept is to provide a clean and comfortable multi-bedded room with shared bathrooms. The original formula has been upgraded through artistic transformation of the old Austro-Hungarian prison into a modern youth hostel establishing itself as a trend-setter in the accommodation industry in Slovenia and wider area.

Hostel Celica susatinable policy is visually presented to guests and employees throughout the property with THINK. ACT. SHARE.  information plates/signs. THINK encourages guests and employees to consciously focus on the importance of sustainability. ACT draws them towards active participation in accomplishing our goals. SHARE invites them to promote basic notions of sustainability among their friends and followers.  

Hostel Celica sustainable guidelines are based on four main segments – management, suppliers, environment and community.


Hostel Celica aspires to remain an example in lowering the environmental impact and to positively contribute to delivering positive environmental solutions in sustainable tourism industry/field. Thanks to its international recognition and its leading role in the Slovene youth tourism development it shares and promotes awareness on the importance of a well-planned environmental policy at home and wider area.


Hostel Celica is the perfect example how a negative environment can be transformed into its complete opposite. Our daily actions focus on balancing the environmental, social and economic issues we can all benefit from.


We THINK of reducing negative environmental impacts, energy consumption and water use. We encourage our guests and employees to ACT and help us deliver sustainable solutions for the environment, for the people, for all of us.


  • Don't flush the loo more than you have too.
  • ˝Zap the tap˝.                                                                                                                           
  • You have the power to take a short shower!

Regular monitoring of water use among guests and employees in order to optimize use of water and prevent bigger distortions.

REDUCE ENERGY.                                                                                 

  • Be sure to adjust the radiators on the desired level after closing windows. No heating, no open windows.
  • Check the windows are closed while running  air condition. Adjust heating on 20°C when heating and 26°C when cooling.
  • Turn the lights off when leaving the room.

LED lights, light motion sensors, promoting green energy sources, energy saving electrical appliances and regular maintenance.

RECYCLE.   Separating wastes into the appropriate bins, no plastic containers at the hostel, only bigger & eco friendly food and beverage containers, recycled paper for office and toilette use and most daily operations running up & down on-line. The best way to manage waste is not producing it.

COMMUNITY (employees / human rights / local community)

Travel stories spiced up by local products and services make our guests' memories unique and authentic as possible. Love, care & promote LOCAL.

Our guests are encouraged  to experience:

  • locally produced and served food and drinks,
  • drinking tap water,
  • locally made souveirs,
  • getting around by public transport & bikes,
  • excursions from local operators.

We THINK about the staff and prioritize employment for local people with on the job training opportunities and fair deals. Our goal is to employ the  best  staff possible delivering high-quality customer service as established in our well developed quality assurance policy. Well trained staff can ACT professionally and provide invaluable pieces of information on local culture and customs, as well as insight tips on unique things to do and places to visit. 

As an artistically renovated hostel, we offer our guests and the local community quality cultural events which includes jam sessions, live concerts, art exhibitions, workshops and discussions on various topics. We promote Slovenian culture and involve guests into feeling the real Slovenian culture and art. The hostel's art gallery and restaurant area functions as a meeting point for local people and non-profit generating organisations and their seminars.

SUPPLIERS (guests / suppliers)

We THINK ahead and build long term relationships with quality local suppliers for products and services. When buying products we ACT responsibly and think of environmental impact.  Seasonal local food really does add to the experience for guests. We also encourage guests and employees to REUSE things whenever possible.                                            

Hostel Celica sustainable policy guidelines:

  • adjust and balance our business to the environmental protection principles / laws,
  • monitor environment protection progress,
  • train, educate and motivate staff to implement and consciously develop the basic principles of the, hostel's sustainable policy,
  • promote sustainability among guests and encourage them to actively participate.