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Hostel Celica inside


Cell 101 Authors: Aisling O'Beirn, Franc Purg
Cell 101 Authors: Aisling O'Beirn, Franc Purg
Cell 101 Authors: Aisling O'Beirn, Franc Purg
Cell 102 Author: Juhani Pallasma
Cell 103 Author: Petra Marguč
Cell 104 Author: Boštjan Novak
Celica 105 Authors: Fontini Diamantidou, Adrijan Cingerle, Pablo Petkovšek
Cell 108
Cell 112 Author: prof. Janez Koželj
Cell 113 Author: Žiga Okorn
Cell 114 Authors: Chet Kanra, Aleksander S. Ostan
Cell 116 Author: Irena Brunec
Cell 118 Authors: Marko Štepecand Ivo Vraničar in collaboration with the National Museum of Contemporary History
Cell 120 Author: Aleksander S. Ostan
Point of Peace
Hostel Celica dorm
common room
Western cafe
Hostel Celica building outside
multi-bedded room
Srečišče gallery
Slovenian gostilna
Oriental Cafe
Cell 109 Authors: Mr & Mrs dešman in collaboration with Giovanni Morbino
Cell 106 Author: Roman Makše
guests' kitchen
Cell 117 Author: prof. Dragica Čadež
Cell 107 Author: Maxim Isaajev
Cell 119 Author: Anthony Garmley
Cell 110 Authors: Ira Zorko, Janko Rožič, Tina Curk and Aleksandra Brlan
Cell 111 Author: Matej Bizovičar
Cell 115 Author: Jiri Kočica
reception area

We're most proud of our 20 former prison cells. Over 80 artists paricipated in their creative renewal and today each cell is completely unique and a priceless work of art.

Hostel Celica is located in the old military prison building in Metelkova area in Ljubljana. It was originally built in the Austro – Hungarian times at the end of the 19th century (1882). The building functioned as a military prison for over 100 years until 1991 when Slovenia achieved its independence after separating from the former socialist federation of Yugoslavia.

The project joined the city authorities and the Student Organization of Ljubljana who stepped together with the Metelkova artistic movement.The renovation included 80 artists from all over the world who worked passionately to welcome the first hostel guests in July 2003.


Point of Peace

The only former prison cell where prison bars were removed from windows and doors. It is not meant to accommodate guests but warmly welcomes visitors in search of a spiritual journey, inner peace or simply guests looking for  little peace and quiet. There are 6 niches – each one dedicated to a world religion (Catholic, Islam, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu) plus one  which is left empty and open to welcome any  religion.

2nd floor - rooms, dorms, common area

The common area is the lightest area in the whole building surrounded by large walls in glass to ffer a terrific view of the city and the mountains sourrounding the Ljubljana basin.

The 2nd floor rooms welcome travellers in multi-bedded rooms, from 4- to 12-bedded rooms. Each room is covered with several artistic mosaics at the entrance area and hand made bed structures created by Matej Bizovičar.


Hostel Celica




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Address: Metelkova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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