Godibodi 2019

Godibodi 2019

The festival Godibodi has become a synonym for high-quality Slovenian original and ethno music, as well as for a comprehensive concert experience presenting a series of fresh music projects. It gets underway in the last week of May in the summer garden of Hostel Celica and features concerts by Jernej Zoran in Ministrstvo resnice, Fed Horses, Edna, Ethnotrip with guests, Adam Klemm Banda, and Klemen Kotar & Dušni pastirji. The festival concludes in the courtyard of the Ljubljana Castle with the project Sounds of Slovenia under the baton of renowned Slovenian accordionist and composer Janez Dovč, bringing together more than twenty musicians.

29. 5. 2019 at 20:30

Dolenjska guitarist and songwriter Jernej Zoran offers an exceptional musical experience, with a mix of rock, pop and blues. Virtuoso guitar playing, a great singer and a stunning rhythm section are the hallmarks of the band known as JERNEJ ZORAN & MINISTRSTVO RESNICE (Jernej Zoran and the Ministry of Truth). It is a group of experienced musicians who have paid their dues with performers such as Dan D, Gušti, DMP, Tinkara Kovač and others. The concert will include original songs from Jernej’s four solo albums (a number of singles are played regularly on radio stations from Primorski Val to Murski Val and Val 202), a selection of songs written and recorded with Jernej’s former band Društvom mrtvih pesnikov (DMP), as well as some instrumental guitar treats.

Fresh single:


And how does the band sound live? (clip from Maribor, June 2018)


Fed Horses is a Slovenian alternative country group that has become very popular in Slovenian ears, venues and radio stations with its folk melodic sensibility, its interesting approach to country music and its radio-polished sound. At their concerts, the musicians play original songs that, in a unique way, flirt with country music, enriched by the influences of American, indie and pop music, thus faithfully approaching models from the other side of the puddle. Despite these influences, the group retains its autochthonous expression. In recent years, they have focused on the episodic but perfected production of singles, while in 2018 the song “Sinner” from the eponymous EP became the second most frequently played song on the radio station Val 202. After their appearance at Izštekanih 25 in Kino Šiška, Fed Horses continue their journey in the Slovenian language, as well.

30. 5. 2019 at 20:30

Êdna (the Prekmurje term for ONE) presents five musical worlds combined into a unique whole, bound together by incredible musical chemistry and the passion of artistic creation. The story of Êdna began in 2014, when Tjaša’s CD entitled “Edno takšo bi rad” was released. The young musicians are inspired by the musical legacy of the Slovenian regions of ​​Prekmurje and Porabje. In their performances, folk songs gain a unique new image. With their strong message and modern musical expression, the songs have drawn together established young professional musicians (trained musicians, teachers) from the Styria and Pomurje region, who have established themselves in various areas of music (ethno, classical, jazz, rock, fusion, etc.). Each member of the group weaves his or her own musical experience and knowledge into the performances of Êdna, together forming a refreshed archaic image that is pleasing to the ears. Their music conveys the listener to different dimensions. It is incredibly calming, yet thoroughly captivating. Êdna is currently awaiting the release of their first album “Ajnc, cvaj, draj”. Êdna – a creative musical “machine” for the extraordinary production of a mixture of folk songs, originality and musical creativity without limits.

The current musical product of the group Ethnotrip, their third release, takes a special place in their opus, as the album “Preden se zdani” (Celinka, 2018) represents their first original work. On the CD, the members of the Prekmurje-Styria band set to music twelve texts by Slovenian authors Štefan Kardoš, Feri Lainšček, Marko Kočar, Mojca Šipek and Jasna Jurkovič. The performers are also very active on stage, having clocked up some 160 concert appearances in Slovenia and abroad. This is where the name of the band comes from: with their first two albums “Ethnotrip” (self-published, 2013) and “Kdo bo pil iz bistrega studenca” (Celinka, 2016), they took their listeners on a musical tour of Europe, while in 2017 they enriched Miha Čelar’s documentary film “Irena, lahko noč” with music.



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31. 5. 2019 at 20:30

After a trip to ethno waters (Nostalgija, Celinka 2015), Adam Klemm Banda returns to original jazz. On the release of their third album “Instant Pleasure”, Adam Klemm will present new compositions in the company of old favourites and excellent musicians.

After their very well-received debut album, Klemen Kotar & Dušni pastirji, with the young and overwhelmingly talented guitarist Tobija Hudnik replacing Žiga Stanonik on this occasion, are approaching their second album slowly and deliberately. For the present concert, the musicians will be joined by the Grosuplje Big Band (in a slightly smaller configuration than usual), which will expand the sound image with new possibilities for extended harmony and instrumental combinations with truly cinematic colours.


Ticket price for each concert day: €9.00, €7.00*

Ticket price for the entire festival: €29.00, €22.00*

*students, pensioners, groups of more than 15 persons

Ticket sales: entrance pavillion at the Ljubljana Castle, Hostel Celica reception, the lower funicular station, www.ljubljanskigrad.si and all www.mojekarte.si sales points (including Petrol service stations and Kompas branches throughout Slovenia).

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