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Sustainability at Hostel celica

Hostel Celica meets the highest international standards in the category of youth hostels. We have received many awards that demonstrate the quality of our work and raise the expectations of our guests. We strive to be better every day.

Our main goal is to offer a clean, comfortable, safe and unique environment to our guests. In doing so, we also want to be responsible and respectful to our community and nature. We are mindful of the effect of our business on our environment, we implement sustainable solutions and we strive for better environmental awareness.  



Save water.

“Zap the tap” • Regular inspection of pipes • Shorter shower time

Notifications for the rational use of water

Energy consumption.

Energy efficient light bulbs • Turning the lights off • Adjusting heater levels • Replacing old appliances with energy-saving ones •  Closing the windows when heating


Waste sorting • Composting • Reduction of unnecessary packaging • Promoting a paperless office

Recycling bins


Promote local.

Local manufacturers  Locally produced food • Drinking tap water  Locally made souvenirs  Homegrown fruits and herbs

Hostel Celica's herbal garden

Majda, green at heart

Majda, our manager, spends a lot of her free time in nature, so she is happy when she can recommend the green areas surrounding our hostel to our guests, where they can relax without a care in the world. She is especially proud of our fruit and herbal gardens, as their seasonal produce provides that special touch to our drinks and dishes.

Majda recommends: green areas & local products

Majda, hostel manager

“Hostel Celica feels like home to me, and I want our guests to feel the same way.”

Majda, Hostel manager

Environmentally friendly transport.

Exploring the city on foot or by bike  Group trips and excursions by local operators

Rent-a-bike bikes

Friendly environment for our employees, guests and local community.

Ensuring quality of work and upholding copyright  Cooperating with cultural-artistic associations  Wide range of cultural events  Promoting Slovenian culture  Donating surplus food to the Slovene Philanthropy

Janez Dovč playing accordion at Hostel Celica


We are writing a story of success through environmental, social and economic responsibility to our guests, employees and members of the local community.

Carefully planned sustainable tourism • A leading role in the development of youth tourism

Information corner


Having a closed circle between our suppliers and our guests is crucial.

Quality products  Manufacturers and producers from local communities  Encouragement of a responsible attitude towards food with suppliers and guests

Fresh produce from local suppliers

At Hostel Celica, we strive to turn bright ideas into an even brighter future. You can read our sustainability vision in full here.

Sustainability at Hostel Celica