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Nature and I, An Exercise in Sensitivity

Nature and I, An Exercise in Sensitivity
  • When

    10. 12. - 10. 1. 2020 (8:00 - 21:00)

  • Note

    otvoritev razstave: 10. 12. 2019 ob 19:00

  • Location

    galerija Srečišče

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OTVORITEV RAZSTAVE: 10. 12. 2019 OB 19:00

Videi, fotografije, kipi in risbe kiparja in filmarja Julija Borštnika, v sodelovanju s kiparko Katjo Oblak.

Contact with Nature

When we take the time and sensitivity to perceive nature and ourselves, at least two valuable aspects can be revealed to us.

The perception of the difference in the passage of time in nature, which influences the perception of our inner sense of time, in relation to the passage of time that prevails in the social relationships in which we are imbedded.

The second aspect is the limitless variety of incredible solutions that can be witnessed in nature if we just look in depth. At the same time, although contradictory at first glance, the rhythm of the repetition of related solutions can be detected within this incredible diversity.