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Cells and rooms

Cell 102

Celica 102

Finnish cell

Juhani Pallasmaa (Finland)

The cell is a fine example of Scandinavian design. All pieces of furniture are mounted on the walls, so the floor of the cell is completely unburdened. The artist wanted to have a small round window in the cell. Because this was not possible, a round opening was made in the wall, and the window remained square. In the room, there are so-called “light chairs”. The bed is raised, giving the room a spacious feeling.

Equipment and comforts of the cell:

  • air conditioning
  • wireless internet access
  • two beds
  • free bed linen and towels
  • prison bars
  • shared bathroom


First floor, second room on the right side of the hallway.

Celica 102

If you wish to book this specific cell, please mention this in your booking.

Hostel Celica Celice 102
Scandinavian prison chic
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