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Cells and rooms

Cell 103

Cell 103

French-German Cell

Petra Marguč (Germany / France)

The cell was designed by a German-born artist living in France. The cell is predominantly white and is filled with female inspiration. It is very bright and pleasant to stay in. A dark ceiling represents the night sky. Door handles on the wall represent the craving for freedom, the need to break free from captivity. The table in the cell was made from an old piece of metal that had been found at Metelkova during the renovation.

Equipment and comforts of the cell:

  • air conditioning
  • wireless internet access
  • two beds
  • free bed linen and towels
  • prison bars
  • shared bathroom


First floor, third room on the right side of the hallway.

Hostel Celica Tloris Celice 103

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Walls are decorated with door handles.
Door handles on the wall symbolize yearning for freedom
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