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Cell 107

Cell 107

Russian cell

Maksim Isaajev (Russia)

Cell 107 is one of the most popular cells in the hostel. Maksim Isaev, a Russian painter and stage designer, painted one wall of the cell with blue acrylic paint and created a picture with a scratching technique. This gave new life to the wall. The crosses in the image represent the countdown of days left in imprisonment. Many of the cells were given an additional smaller window, located lower on the wall, allowing a horizontal view. Due to the painting that extends over half of the space, the small window is missing in this cell. Here, priority was given to art over functionality.

Equipment and comforts of the cell:

  • air conditioning
  • wireless internet access
  • two beds
  • free bed linen and towels
  • prison bars
  • shared bathroom


First floor, seventh room on the right side of the hallway.

Hostel Celica Tloris Celice 107

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Artistically decorated cell 107
Rest your eyes on the wall art by Maxim Issajev.
Wooden ladder in cell 107
Walls of cell 107 are covered in murals by Maxim Isaajev
Blue mural by Maxim Isaajev
Lines on the walls for prisoners' countdown to freedom
Summer garden
Slovenian restaurant