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Cells and rooms

Cell 109

Celica 109

Italian cell

Giovanni Morbin (Italy), Mr and Mrs Dešman (Slovenia)

The concept and the furniture of the cell were made by Mr and Mrs Dešman. Giovanni Morbin, an Italian artist, placed a horn in the room and named it “Conversation with the universe”. When you speak through the horn, the sound circles back to the speaker. The idea behind the horn is to show that we ourselves carry all the answers to all the questions we might have. Giovanni Morbin is also the author of a sculpture - a cast of a human, located on the outer corner of the northern part of the building. He used himself as the model.

Equipment and comforts of the cell:

  • air conditioning
  • wireless internet access
  • three beds
  • free bed linen and towels
  • prison bars
  • shared bathroom


First floor, ninth room on the right side of the hallway.

If you wish to book this specific cell, please mention this in your booking.

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