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Cells and rooms

Cell 119

Celica 119

English cell

Anthony Gormley (UK)

The author of the cell is a sculptor, which is evident as soon as one enters the cell. The particularity of the cell is the partly glazed floor enclosing different statuettes. Anthony Gormley made the first sculpture (far left, upper corner) in Ljubljana, then sent 16 more statues from abroad. Other statues were made by other visitors. The English painter Richard Whitlock painted the eastern wall with the scene he saw through the cell’s window: the so-called Square With No [AB1] Historical Memory.

Equipment and comforts of the cell:

  • air conditioning
  • wireless internet access
  • two beds
  • free bed linen and towels
  • prison bars
  • shared bathroom


First floor, second room on the left side of the hallway.

If you wish to book this specific cell, please mention this in your booking.

Hostel Celica Celice 119
Celica 119
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